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Moore later explained in magazine that "By moving around a lot, I learned to assimilate into whatever new surroundings I had and to become very comfortable with people quickly.I think that was one of the strongest contributing factors to my becoming an actor."Dropping out of high school at 16, Moore worked as a debt collector for a time and tried modeling. In 1981, Moore landed a role on the popular television soap opera (1985).The couple starred together in 1986's , a look at young singles in Chicago.Critic Roger Ebert praised both of their performances, saying the film "gives them the best acting opportunities either one has ever had, and they make the most of them." He also singled out Moore as "especially impressive.

For her role Moore trained vigorously, lifting weights for two hours a day and going for six-mile runs. All of this dedication, however, translated into a middling showing at the box office. During her time in Hailey, Moore mostly focused on raising her daughters.Husky-voiced beauty Demi Moore was a fixture in 'Brat Pack' movies like 'St.Elmo's Fire' and 'About Last Night' in the 1980s, and later proved one of Hollywood's leading ladies with starring roles in 'Ghost,' 'A Few Good Men' and 'Disclosure.'Demi Moore was born Demetria Guynes on November 11, 1962, in Roswell, New Mexico.His spirit works with a psychic (Whoopi Goldberg) to avenge his death and to protect Molly from those involved.Showing impressive vulnerability on screen, Moore earned praise for her work on the film, which became a huge hit. She was in the midst of her second pregnancy when she posed in the nude for the magazine's cover.

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Moore took on lighter fare with her next effort, 1989's .

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